Some adverbs show how something is done, others tell us when and how often something is happening. Adverbs help describe verbs.

Adverbs of manner

Most often they are the same words as adjectives, but end with -ly.

quickly, quietly, happily

He runs quickly. She listened quietly.


If the adjective ends with a -y, the ending of the adverb is -ily.

She smiled happily.


If the adjective ends with an -l already, it will be doubled, so the adverb will end with -lly.

Finally, we all arrived.


Some adverbs do not end with -ly: good - well.

He reads well.


Some adjectives and adverbs have the same form: hard and fast.

She works hard. The cat runs fast.


Adverbs of time

today, tomorrow, yesterday, finally, already, soon, still, just, weekly, daily, before, last, afterwards