All sentences must have a verb. Verbs express being or action and are used in different tenses.

Verbs change their form due to tense, person and number.


The infinitive tense: The most basic form of the verb, paired with the preposition toto practise, to sing

Simple present tense: Something that happens regularly.

She practises the guitar every day. I sing in a choir.

Present continuous tense: Something that is happening right now or today, or will happen later.

She is practising the piano right now, then they are singing.

Simple past tense: Something that happened yesterday or earlier.

He practised for the song contest last night. He also sang this morning.

Present perfect tense: Something that has happened.

I have practised for this concert for the last two months. She has also sung the songs.


Infinitive - Simple present - Present continuous - Simple past - Present perfect

to practise - practise/practises - am/is/are practising - practised - have/has practised

to sing - sing/sings - am/is/are singing - sang - have/has sung


Past perfect: Something that had happened.

I had practised for this concert for the last two months, and then it was cancelled.

She had also sung the same songs the year before.

Future: What will happen later.

We are going to Spain next summer.

We will stay there for two weeks.