Nouns are words for people, places, things or ideas.

Nouns can be regular or irregular.


Regular nouns take an -s in plural form, while irregular nouns change form.

a girl – two girls

a woman – two women


Singular or plural:

Most nouns have the ending -s in plural:

a girl – two girls


Some nouns have the ending -es in plural:

a bus – two buses


Some nouns change their ending from -y to -ies in plural:

a hobby - two hobbies


Some nouns change from -f(e) in singular to -ves plural:

a half – two halves

a knife – two knives


Some irregular nouns change their form in plural:

a person – two people


Proper nouns are written with a capital letter, because they are names of particular people or places, like Roald Dahl, J K Rowling, Sydney and Australia.