An article is a text that reports something that has happened, or will happen, using facts and details.

The writer must include a lot of information about the topic. A news article is often printed in a newspaper or published on a website.

1. Headline – a few words to catch the reader’s attention

2. By-line – the name of the author of the article

3. Lead – a short ingress that introduces what the article is about (introduction)

4. Body– the main part of the article

                a. One paragraph for each main idea: starts with a topic sentence

                b. Can have subheadings for important paragraphs

                c. Quotes: reports what someone said, direct speech

5. Conclusion – a short summary or a statement



Article 1 - The winner is ...

Read this article about this year's award ceremony, "The golden rat".

Article 1

Write an article about an upcoming event, one of this year’s talent-show finals or a show that you choose yourself.

Article 2 - Ratatouille will soon be in town

Read this article about the annual competition 'The rats of the round table'.

Article 2

Write a news article. Choose between writing an article about a competition, a cooking class or a fancy dinner. You can also write a news article about a topic you choose yourself.

Article 3 - Make friends, not war

Read this article about the war going on in Australia between the Bush Rats and the Brown Rats.

Article 3

Write an article about one of the following topics:

  • A rat that was wounded in the battlefield and saved by Rupert and Norman
  • A peace negotiation between the fighting sides
  • A similar topic from the real world